Unforgettable Italian Food

During our tour in Rome, we did not miss to eat Italian food. On the first day, I ate pizza and the second day, I ate pasta. Trust me! what we eat here just cannot match that real Italian taste! It was mouth-watering, amazing and unforgettable delicious food there!

The pizza was sooo thin and soft and was just melting in my mouth! It was really a wonderful moment for me! I never knew pizzas taste so good! I feel a bit sad now since I did not take a picture of that pizza in the restaurant then! Actually, I was soo much immersed in the taste that I forgot to take even a picture. 😛

And the spaghetti with pesto was too good to compare with that we made at home! And the pasta with chili seeds and olive oil was really reaching far beyond my mouth! It was soo hot! I did not expect it to be that hot in an European country. But, it was incredibly hot with chillies and I did like it!

In fact, it is in Rome that I have ever enjoyed my food like this! I have never felt so blissful when eating food. Not even at home; but I enjoyed it at Rome! 😛

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