The Unexpected end of “Enge Brahmanan”

The serial Enge Brahmanan unexpectedly came to an end last week. I was expecting it to go for few more months and was really surprised when Cho Ramaswamy was saying good bye..

One thing which I really liked in the last episode is what Cho said before leaving. He was just insisting the same thing I have been telling in my posts on Atheism. As Cho rightly pointed out, Hinduism has lots and lots of scripts. Its like an Ocean. You need to at least see a wave in it before commenting about it.

I see many people just comment / blame / criticize ‘Hinduism’ (and also other religions) just blindly without knowing what the religion actually says.  I think Cho’s advice is something which many of us need to follow – not only for religion; but for each and everything in life. We need to think before we criticize something.

That because you don’t know something, that because you don’t understand something, you can’t say ‘that something’ does not exist. It is easy to escape like that but it is definitely not the right way! It is defintely not going to take us anywhere. Following this ‘escaping strategy’ we are defintely going to loose our tradition, culture and religion and also the respect for the same.


One comment

  1. Oh yea! I came to know that the series started all over again with fresh news loaded!
    More than glad to get some nice news about our customs and traditions! I hope to get some time daily to watch it.. But somehow, now I don’t seem to have much interest in watching the series.. Time is also another important constraint for me!
    Let me see if I can watch it!

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