Kambakht Ishq

Kambakht Ishq is another latest Bollywood release I watched during this weekend.. But after watching, I was really wondering why I wasted so much money to watch this movie.

Akshay and Kareena were awful with Kareena showing lot of skin as usual!

Its the re-make of the Tamil movie “Pammal K. Sambandham”. But it was in no way near it. They have wasted a lot –  really a lot of money in this movie for nothing! Just that like that they wanted to show all Hollywood stars to attract people I guess. Stupid marketing strategy!! The producer guy is soo rich that he wanted to waste his wealth in such crazy idea.

The movie was not as funny as the Tamil original was. I hated myself for watching the movie till the end!


One comment

  1. coffeebeans76 · · Reply

    remakes of south indian movies are never good. dat requires brain:)

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