New York – The Movie

I watched this movie last night..

It was quite good. A different theme.
All these days, whenever we talk about Sep 11 accident of US, only those people who were affected directly by the accident comes to my mind – like people who lost their lives, family, jobs, etc. I am sure these are things that comes to mind for many of us.

But in this movie, the director focused on some other set of people who were really very badly affected because of the same accident.. Whose misery never came out. Those innocent Muslims who were arrested as being a suspect of terrorism and tortured by the police/FBI were shown in this movie.
This movie is a story of how an innocent Muslim turns into a terrorist after being tortured by the US FBI.

When I was watching the movie, I was wondering, who is to blame. But actually, I don’t think anyone can be blamed in this situation. Because as a part FBI, when a police man arrests a person suspecting that he might be a terrorist, they can’t really handle him softly. They need to be harsh to get the truth. But how harsh can they be? I am really not sure where to draw a line here. I am really not sure if they have to be as cruel as depicted in this movie even to the actual terrorists. But maybe yes. Bcoz they are ‘terrorists’!

And those innocent people who were tortured, it is not a must that they all need to take vengeance after they are released. But, actually we cant blame them if they do. Because, they were tortured so much that they lost their normal life. They lost everything. They were treated more worse than animals. So, what do you expect out of them? A Jesus? A Buddha? A Gandhi?

So.. I am really not sure as to who is to blame. I think its with the same mind set that the director has also taken the movie. The movie had some resemblance in some parts with the Hollywood movie – Crash. Like the black people reacted in Crash, the Muslims reacted in this movie.

Anyways, the movie has been nicely taken and definitely worth a watch!


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