The uncommon common-sense

The common sense which is expected to be present most commonly in all people is becoming uncommon these days.. Or at least thats what I feel.

I am seeing people who think all problems are complicated. They want clear guidelines for each and everything. I think in sometime, people might even expect a clear cut manual for ‘how to walk like human being’. What I mean is, people are really loosing common sense. With the growing use of internet , people want to find out each and everything by googling and not by thinking.. The brain is not being used at all. I have seen many people just switching off the brain and keep on asking the most dumb questions which could have been easily answered by mere common sense – just by turning on their own CPUs for a while.

In fact many of the job interview tests the common-sense skills mainly. The companies want to know that you can use your simplest defense strategy – the common sense during stressful times. But, even those common sense problems are listed in interview preparation guides and so, people just memorize them up and face the interviews. They can of course get into the jobs but what happens in the job next? They still just keep looking for guidance from someone or some book for solving simple common sense problems!

Can you believe if I say I met a 3+ yrs experienced UI designer who cannot explain why “if 60 minutes is 1 unit, then 30 minutes is .5 unit”? It took more than 3 hours to find out why and how for that person. Also, even after that, the person was not able to answer what is .25 unit if 8 hours  is 1unit. Can you believe this? You don’t need to be a math genious for answering these!

I do believe and accept that people have different levels of intelligence. But, why people with brains switch off their brain? Why people want to assume that they are facing some complex problems? Why cant they accept that something is simple?

Either they over-simplify some real problem or they just complicate a real simple problem. I really dont see why common-sense is becoming uncommon these days..


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