Psychology or Biology?

Earlier in one of my posts – Are we just bundle of Chemicals? I wrote about how science is giving explanation for the most intimate feelings of mankind. It was really thrilling to know that scientist can explain about love and sex based on some chemical reactions going on inside our brain.

I have been browsing about this relatively young and growing subject – ‘cognitive neuroscience’ to know more… To know what else has been ‘decoded’ by cognitive neuroscientists.  I have been looking at various topics which are studied by the professionals. It was really exciting to know that scientist are giving bio-chemical explanations for many of the abstract feelings: how we think, how we perceive, how we speak, etc etc..

With more and more discoveries about brain, I think the subject of Psychology will just turn into pure Biology… Isnt that just mind blowing?



  1. Barbro · · Reply

    I believe sometimes, why we, humans doesnt rely on our own mind/soul experiences little more. We, submits to the science or to those *who can or know* instead of listen to ourselfs.

    If we’re ..”just bundle of Chemicals?”…

    chemicals can not shape an analysis that then becomes a synthesis. If we were chemicals, so would the world look different. Or. we, humans always want to be more than we’re because we – think.

    Your question is rather an philosophical concept when we can not grasp the world and our thoughts. In person, I doesnt ask these question anymore. They have both religious and endless questions in return. greetings barbro

    1. Very true! We – the human beings do not trust ourselves. We want our happiness to come from somewhere else – from someone else – from something else. We want science to say “I am there for you! I can do anything!” but we its hard for us to believe that “nothing will change my happiness!”

      I think humans are basically very much insecure! We always want outside world to protect us and shower happiness.

      When we realize and ‘know’ what we are, as you say, there is no need to ask questions.. You will just smile at ignorance and enjoy your bliss!

      1. sometimes i get sad also

  2. Barbro · · Reply

    ..1 hour later. on the other hand, to ask these question, comfort the mind to some extent. I think it is good, instead of not asking at all. Perhaps it is, to find stability and trust within oneself. The world is so incomprehensible as it is. I choosed the magic, that make me *happy*. It’s nice to read your blog Arthy.

    1. Asking questions keeps me alive! 😉
      Just to remind myself that I do ‘live’ in this world..

      And.. thanks! I am really glad to know that you enjoy reading my blog.. 🙂

  3. Ashgene · · Reply

    Isn’t Psychology, a branch of Medicine, which in by itself a branch of Biology ?

    1. I don’t agree with this.

      According to ‘Cambridge Dictionaries Online’, Psychology is the scientific study of the way the human mind works and how it influences behavior, or the influence of a particular person’s character on their behavior.

      Where as Biology is defined as “the scientific study of the natural processes of living things”. You can of course argue that this generic definition ‘can’ include the mind and behavior. But still, until this time, Biology explains more of the body rather than the mind or behavior. I don’t think there is any Biology book explaining about mind and behavior in detail!

      I think Psychology by itself is very vast and deserves to be called as an ‘independent’ subject which is of course related to Biology. All subjects are related somehow. Its all about how well your mind can relate things.

      If you see everything from top (in a bird’s eye view) then most of such subjects would be called as just ‘Human science’ because they all study about Humans and their living. We could even end up saying Engineering is also just a Human Science..

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