Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered why a sparrow gets aroused only when seeing another sparrow and not a crow? In fact I don’t think a sparrow can recognize himself in a mirror. He does not know how he looks. No body showed him a mirror and said ” Hey! This is how you look honey!”
He does not know how ‘sparrows’ look like. But even then, he likes to mate only with another sparrow! Does n’t it sound incredible? (I know that some of you might think I am completely insane.. I don’t mind though! ;-))

Actually, this holds good for all animals except humans. They all mate with only the opposite sex of the same species – though most of them cannot recognize themselves in a mirror!  But humans always like to break the laws – including the laws of nature!

I do enjoy wondering about such unbreakable laws of nature! I wonder how such things came. Who framed such rules? How were they programmed so accurately into everything? How Jasmine smells like Jasmine? How a cow produces only a cow-calf and not piglet?

Science has gone so far to be able to tell that there is such a rule inside the chromosome which instructs living beings to be as they are: Jasmine to smell Jasmine and cow to reproduce only a cow calf. It has discovered some equations which explain how things happen but it has not gone far enough to give explanation for ‘why such an equation came into place?’ or ‘On what basis was the equation created?’. Science has made only discoveries. It has not invented anything as such!

There are so many things to wonder like these. Take our own body.. How would it be if the eyes were placed somewhere at the bottom? How would it be if your nose is where your ears are now? What if there is no hair? How did such a thing came in place? Who’s engineering brain is that to create something with so much perfection? Human body is itself an incredible engineering! It would take many life times to understand what it is first of all – forget the why questions!

It is at these times, my reverence and love for nature overflows like a fountain! 🙂



  1. Ashgene · · Reply

    A sparrow feels one with a sparrow through all its senses not just its eyes, when it sees an other sparrow it quickly smells its body language, its vocalisations, its plumage, its auditory senses, haptic senses, smell etc infact a lot more that are there in recognising a species of its own kind. When it does that it feels comfortable, secured and a feeling of unity. Especiallt when they both exhibit compassionate behavior towards eachother. This is ofcourse wonderful and plausibly explained by science.
    Science does make discoveries and innovation, this website, a lightbulb, an aeroplane are all innovations of science. The age of science itself is young compared to human civilisation, humans try hard in experimenting and finding out the truth in the Universe through science and it is time that such truth will be unravelled as science progresses.

    1. First of all, thanks for that nice explanation about species recognition. Sounds interesting..

      But I think you still haven’t got the catch here. And I don’ think you fully understood what exactly I meant.

      Even in this same case of species recognition, science has explained how they identify species but science has not explained why it should happen that way. My question is why sparrow should feel comfortable, secured and united with another sparrow alone and not with another crow? If you see it superficially, you might end up saying my question is senseless. Only Newton could think why Apple falls down and he was able to get an answer also for that.

      This is the same question I rise about Jasmine. Why Jasmine smells Jasmine? Science might say, there is some gene somewhere which has that secret formula that gives that smell. And that smell is there to attract insect and hence pollination, etc etc. But my question is why Jasmine smells Jasmine? Why cant some other nice smell? Who said that Jasmine should smell like that only? Can science answer this question?

      And coming to inventions, yes, I know that science has inventions so many things : cars, furniture, table, TV, etc, etc, The count is unlimited.

      But thinking a bit deeper, if there are no concepts / principles discovered, then inventions are not possible. For any invention to happen – for anything to be created, there needs to be some underlying principle.

      These principles are not invented. They are all just discovered. We are still trying to understand the laws and principles governing the universe. In fact, we cannot understand these things clearly / to the fullest so far. If that has been done, by this time Man would have created another universe which would be much more interesting, colorful, nice and many would have shifted there by this time.

      ..”it is time that such truth will be unraveled as science progresses.”..
      I am waiting for that too.. I am not against science you see! 🙂

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