Happiest Wedding I have even seen!

Last weekend, I went to another city nearby (Coimbatore) to attend a wedding of an unknown person! (Sounds funny! Huh?)

Well.. after my marriage most of the weddings I attend are the weddings of unknown. At times I am amazed at myself for being so casually and naturally in a totally new place with all new faces around. Before marriage, it would have been very strange for me to go for a wedding where I know no one. In fact I would not go for such weddings at all. But marriage changes a lot of things for girls – especially in India! 😉

This time I was a bit skeptical in attending this wedding. Traveling more than 8 hours in a bus (we dint get train tickets at the last moment! The bus journey was a terrible experience! :S) to go to another city and attend a wedding of some unknown did not sound exciting to me. Not until after the first day reception party..

The marriage hall was not so different and was looking just the same as any other. A bit more spacious probably because there were not many people actually. There should be around few hundreds of people who came for the wedding. As usual, the light music started and there was lot of noise – which is main identification that something BIG is happening!

What was so unusual was that, one of the relatives picked up the mike and started announcing that another relative is going to sing the next song. Woow! that’s nice.. I was excited about attending something like ‘Airtel Super Singer Live’. So were the people gathered there.

So, all the audiences turned around towards the light music troupe and we were keenly waiting for this singer. Man! He was nothing short of a real super professional singer. He sang some Hindustani music so wonderfully and I was really surprised at his talent. Maybe he is actually a pro. The people who sang after him were also not less than super singers. The family’s talent was really impressive!
And soon, audience moved their chairs and gave way for people to dance. Bride and the Groom also danced (which is very uncommon here in south India)!

What I liked most was the way people were! They were all so casual, without any sort of tension and fuzz. I never saw anyone with a complaining face or a stressed face – which is very common in Tamil Brahmin Weddings. We have so much of customs and procedures to follow that there will always be mistakes. And people will want to avoid mistakes which leads to tension and stress. Someone will be blaming someone and the whole environment will be like “All these should get over soon!”.
But this wedding I attended was really an ‘exception’. No one seemed to be stressed or tensed. Things were happening naturally and casually. They were all really happy and were radiating their happiness. And.. no one wanted the wedding to get over soon. It was real celebration!

I was indeed inflicted with their happiness and joined the dancing crowd for a while. It was really nice. I have never danced before in a crowd. Because, dancing for me is something which I do when I feel free and joyous. This mostly happens when I am alone. But this time, the people were all so happy, nice and were really enjoying themselves that I could also do the same. And I felt myself free and happy even in the crowd. I just didn’t bother about any body’s presence and went ahead for dancing.. It was as though everyone there was liberated. Right / Wrong did not play any role there. Only just happiness and love was filling the hall. That was what I felt..

In a land of strangers, amidst all unknown faces I found myself enjoying the occasion every single moment. It is one of the unforgettable wedding I have attended so far. Sounds really strange to myself.. But I guess, thats what marriage had to offer me! 😉


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