Kids are Kids!

I had too much exposure to kids in the past weekend. Its after a very long time that I was forced to spend time with many kids around. Phew! I just couldn’t manage… At the end of the day, I found myself severing a lotus flower into the smallest possible parts because, I had nothing else to do to divert my mind. I went that crazy!

Oh man! Kids these days talk a lot! Or at least I was with such kids who just couldn’t shut their mouths for a while. They can draw a fight out of nothing! And just keep fighting for long! They can make a snow-beast from a small snow dust! That much talented they are!

And they can talk anything! Thanks to TV, internet and other media for educating them like these! They know more than me – not for good!

I was wondering how I was when I was a kid. Maybe I was also talking a lot like these kids? Honestly, I could n’t get an answer. I feel a bit guilty to admit that I felt kinda relieved to leave the place.Maybe I am too grown up to spend time with kids anymore.

I wonder how I will manage my kids in future! Maybe I will send them away somewhere or maybe they will kick me away! Who knows!


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