My brain is growing!

Wow! My brain is growing!

I have realized that my brain is under the process of development and its capacity of understanding and analyzing is continuously improving. Certain things which I was not able to understand are now easy to understand. Certain books which I was not able to read few years back are now interesting for me to read now. I just realized my capacity to comprehend things has increased..

And of course yes, I know that this is the basic reason why we have different ‘levels’ at the schools and colleges. Just that, I realized it now on my own.. 🙂

I think this is there for every living being on earth. We learn through out our lives. Our learning capacity also increases with time. Our knowledge base as well becomes bigger with time. The only thing is what exactly is the nature of our knowledge base. Have we gathered enough knowledge to stay happy forever? Or our knowledge is confusing us more and more? Is our learning process – the process of adding more stuff to our knowledge base has become more efficient with time? Most importantly is that process giving us happiness? Or does it add stress?

These are some basic self-introspection questions one needs to ask to improve the learning process. And, I think these are the questions (or something very similar) asked by even the AI (Artificial Intelligence) researchers. When we know the process of how we actually acquire knowledge through our life, we can impart that knowledge to computers to make them more ‘knowledgeable’! Anyways, that requires more deep research in that field.. 😉


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