I just came across this MIT Open Courseware site.

MIT has (generously) made all the course materials public and accessible to anyone. Of course, the PDFs given there do not actually give all details. But the audios compensate for that. They have uploaded the lecture audios & videos in their site for almost all subjects taught in MIT. Its awesome!

Because of my interest in cognitive neuroscience, I just went to their section Brain and Cognitive sciences. Found many interesting topics and I was really surprised to see that many of the questions about which I have wondered all along in my life are listed in the PDF handout files!! It was really interesting to see that many questions asked in the handouts are more of self-introspection in nature.

I was really excited to see that questions like “Why aren’t we happier?, Why isn’t the world a better place?” are all discussed in MIT class rooms. It really has taken me to another plane! Think of those who really have studied in such schools about such subjects!! Impressive!!

I really wish I could take up some graduate education on this subject and learn more formally. I hope that it does not stay as ‘just another wish‘ till the end of my life. Lets see.. 😉


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  1. Thanks for info.

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