Pain – Revisited!

I went to the dentist again this weekend – for the extraction of the second wisdom tooth before it could cause any problems.

But this time, it was as simple as a facial! 😀

Yes! Even I couldn’t believe myself. I had prepared my mind so much about the process that I did not shed even a single drop of tear this time. Last time, it was the fear of unknown that made me cry and get tensed. But this time, it all went on really smooth.

Also, last time there was lot of infection in my tooth that increased the pain. Even when I was given local anesthetic, I felt pain when the dentist was drilling my tooth last time. But, this time it was very simple and no pain during the procedure. In fact there was more drilling of cheek bone this time since the tooth had not yet come out fully. The procedure actually took long. But still I was able to manage just by telling my mind to think the whole procedure as some kinda facial. And it worked. The fear is eliminated this time and it did made a lot of difference.

But after the surgery, this time swelling is more than the last time. My face looks like that of a Bafoon at Circus. Looks very funny since its just one side which is swelled!

Anyways, hope all these gets over soon! Becuase, now I am too much saturated of ice-creams and other soft diets. I want to eat something nice, hot and tasty! 😉


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