Wisdom tooth and pregnancy

Can you believe if I say that your wisdom tooth can cause trouble during your pregnancy?

Its very strange but it is true! My Dentist ‘enlightened’ me about some real crazy research papers which has revealed this strange connection between the wisdom tooth and pregnancy.

In general, when we eat food, the food particles get stuck between our teeth. Our gums normally secrete some liquid (somethign other than saliva). When the wisdom tooth grows, it exerts pressure on other teeth in our mouth. Because of this exccess pressure, the reaction between the liquid secreted by gum and the minute food particles, lead to the production of some BIOTOXIN. This bio-toxin is poisonous on prolonged consuption for a grown up woman herself. So, this BIOTOXIN can really harm the baby inside her womb. The 9 month time is too much exposure for the small infant and result in premature delivery or even still-birth!

Man! I got really scared after hearing this. And I couldn’t just brush away this as another story, because the Dentist is really authentic and one of our family friends. So, he does not have narrate such story to make me visit him again. In fact he did not even grab money from us for this wisdom tooth extraction. So, I do have to trust him and his news.

Whats worse is, you can’t wait till you get some problem because of this wisdom tooth. It is not advisable because, if you come up with some infection, swelling and unbearable pain during pregnancy, you can’t be operated for removing this tooth. Either you have to bear the incredible pain for the entire duration of pregnancy or you must get aborted. Because, after this wisdom tooth extraction, you will be given very strong dose of anti-biotic and pain-killers that can just abort your baby inside or render the baby handicapped mentally / physically! Anything can happen. There have been even cases like aborting the baby first and then getting the tooth extracted and then getting conceived again. It is that serious!

So, if you are a woman of child-bearing age, and you find that your wisdom tooth is growing, do consult your dentist and get it removed if it has to be. Don’t hesitate at all! The pain of tooth extraction is defintely lesser than the pain you will have to face later.

Actually, it is not only for woman who have to take precautions and remove it earlier. It is applicable for anyone for that matter. Because, it is easy to remove the tooth at an earlier age. The wisdom tooth extraction process requires drilling of the cheek bone and then pulling out the wisdom tooth. If you are young, the cheek bone will be flexible and can move a little and give way for the wisdom tooth. But as you grow older, the cheek bone settles well and becomes harder. So, more drilling will become necessary when you have to remove the tooth at a later stage of your life. More drilling means – you get more weaker and tired after the procedure. So, better sooner than later!

One more thing you might wonder (as I did), why such fuzz about wisdom tooth removal? What were people doing during those days? What happened to my ancestors?

The dentist has an answer even for this question! Because of evolution, we are dorso-ventrically contracted – in the sense, the measurement from the nose tip to the back of the skull is reducing these days (because of evoution). Which gives less space for teeth inside our mouth. Basically, we have enough space only for 28 teeth these days. So, when you have more than 28, you are defintely(99%) bound to some problem because of the extra teeth. The probability that your wisdom teeth does not cause any problem to you is very very minute!

So, better to remove it rather than to face some strange ulcer in your stomach because of wisdom teeth. (Yes! that is another research paper! Your wisdom teeth can cause some ulcer in your stomach: for both men & women! )

Are you still thinking to remove your wisdom tooth?



  1. Mrs.Raj · · Reply

    My wisdom tooth suddenly started to come out ..out in no time.. like evening I was fine and went to dinner and suddenly I couldn’t able to bite at all.. It was so painful.. Later I found out that I was pregnant..

    And the pregnancy can make those gums so tender and vulnerable to infections.. God it is so painful. You should clean, floss and mouthwash each time you eat food..

    Thank you for sharing this article..

    1. Welcome… 😉

      Take a good care of your tooth and the baby!

      For me, it was very painful without the pregnancy complications and all.. I can imagine, how much painful it can be for you with pregnancy…

      Hope you get relieved of the pain soon!
      Take care..

  2. I got my wisdom teeth a long time ago and I didn’t hesitate to remove it. I really know it may cause some pain.

  3. […] “Knowledge tooth and maternity|My Thoughts At the workplace Its quite strange however it holds true! My Dentist ‘enlightened’ me concerning some genuine insane research documents which has disclosed this strange connection between the wisdom tooth and maternity. Typically, when we consume meals,. the meals particles obtain … … you can not wait till you obtain some issue. as a result of this wisdom tooth. It is not suggested since, if you come. up with some infection, swelling and excruciating pain during pregnancy,. you can not be run for removing this tooth …” […]

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