As we grow older….

Our body and mind put together is something like a ‘Controlled System’ with a feedback mechanism. We interact with other such systems and with the environment based on the feedback we receive. We can consider our actions to be one of these kinds:

  1. A response to the stimuli from the environment
  2. A signal generated which in turn is a stimuli for other systems / environment

When we are young, we have full control over our response, the length / duration of the response, the response type, etc. We respond to the stimuli, (like reacting when someone shouts at us) and based on the feedback (like how our reaction is welcomed by the source of stimuli and others involved in the system) we control our response / reaction to the stimulus.

Also, we can exert full control over the signals being generated. We have the ability to analyze what kind of impact the signals generated will have in the system and other interacting systems. We then, generate the signals and again based on feedback, we control our signals and make sure in all possible ways that we have achieved the expected outcome.

But what happens when we grow older? What happens when the control system grows older?
If you see old people and you ask them something, they just don’t know where to keep the full stop and stop it. I have experienced this many times. If I ask my Grand Pa how he is, he will narrate a very long story and ultimately he forgets why he started all those stories.

The control system starts de-generating.. I think the main part which gets affected is the ‘FEEDBACK’ control. As we grow older, we don’t see how our reaction is taken by others. All that concerns to the mind is the response/reaction. Our response and reaction in turns become stimulus for our own system and the response continues on and on. Its a vicious cycle and the system completely looses control over the length of response or the response type.

Also, the system looses the ability to analyze the impacts of its actions / signals. It is because of this that you see the old people just say / do something without thinking much about others.

I think this kind of de-generation is some unavoidable for any normal person on this world. One can’t exert control over anything for a long time. We don’t have that capacity.. Maybe for some, they loose the control sooner than others. But ultimately you must loose it one day or the other. Nobody can exert control over something forever. Nobody can survive on this earth forever.

It is some times even dreadful to imagine, how my control / feedback is going to de-generate with time. But whether I like it or not, things will happen as they are suppose to happen…


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