Staying young forever..

When we think about growing older, our mind would immediately race about how to stay young forever. Our defence mechanism wakes up and tries to find ways to protect us from the ‘degeneration’ of our feedback control system. 😉

But how do you stay young? Is it possible? Is it really possible to avert the degeneration?
Maybe yes. But, I still believe we can’t exert full control over our mind for long. We won’t be able to stay young forever. But to some extent, we can try to exert control over our system – if not the environment / surrounding systems.

By not pickup too much of stimuli from our environment, by not worrying about many things, by not assuming that we can actually control things in life, we can be a bit cool and relaxed. By being so, we can avoid degenerating fast.

Actually this is how children are happy, young and energetic. They don’t worry about too many things. They don’t worry about one thing for long as well. They also cry, they also smile, they react very much. But they don’t get stressed as much as elders get. They don’t get depressed as older ones get. Because, they don’t really have any STRONG emotions. They haven’t framed some STRONG IDENTITY for themselves.

It is not by wearing thick layers of make-up, or wearing modern dresses one can appear young and ‘feel’ young. By being a child at the heart, one can definitely stay young forever. Just that we need to cultivate that child-like thinking in our minds. Not the childish behavior in our actions.

Once you start thinking like a child, I think you can keep smiling forever. Though you appear older to others, you will be ‘feeling’ young – as much young as a child at your heart. You can stay happy forever!



  1. …”Just that we need to cultivate that child-like thinking in our minds. Not the childish behavior in our actions.”….

    Excellent writing Arthy. I like your thinking.

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