The Irony of joining NaBloPoMo!!

I registered myself for this NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month a while ago.

At that time when i registered myself, I was publishing around 3 posts per day except the weekends. So, I was thinking that I can publish at least one post daily with little extra efforts in the weekends!

But… ironically just after I registered for this NaBloPoMo, I stopped posting! Not even a single post per week! 😦  Now, I am trying hard to write about something in my blog. But I am not getting any idea.. My mind has become clean white sheet now! Its almost like dead. All the time sleepy or tired. I am not even reading anything. I wonder what I am doing these days. I am in a dull, gloomy state.  Maybe I need some change in my life. Something interesting and exciting to wake me up!

Though NaBloPoMo has suggested some topics for blogging, I am not that keen on writing about the topic given by them. I mean, it does not sound that exciting to write about something that someone else suggest. I am not writing for some essay competition or something.. So, looks like I have nothing to write about…

Maybe I should un-register from NaBloPoMo and see if I get that blogging spree again! 😉



  1. Barbro · · Reply

    perhaps it is better to take the blog in your own pace. I wouldnt be happy if I would write something that doesnt come from the heart.

    I’ve a membership at but there is the purpose of learning to see the image/images in order to become better photograph. Also by learning writing critism for other members. It’s a community.

    The blog is an relaxing spot in the world. Perhaps several spots are needed, for different thing’s.

    1. Ya Barbro!
      I unregistered myself from NaBloMoPo 😉
      Wanna take my blog at my own pace in my own ways..

      Good that you are part of a community thats aligned with your interests.
      And yes indeed, we need several spots for several things in this world… one cant satisfy all needs!! 😉

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