Modhi Vilayadu

Modhi Vilayadu is the worst movie I have even seen so far in my life.

Its totally a screwed up movie with loads and loads of money wasted. Looks like this movie was produced with a sole purpose of stripping the producer off his wealth!

There is not a big story behind. But that is not at all a problem. Which movie has a strong story line these days? Even Vaaranam Aayiram had no strong story behind. It was just showing a part of son’s life and his close relationship with his father. But, the movie was taken really well. The way story flows is amazing. But this movie was total waste.

I cannot believe that this movie’s director Saran was the one who directed movies like Amarkalam, Gemini, Vasool Raja MBBS. It appeared as though I am watching a movie acted by all crazy people who cannot think logically or in a mature way. There was no sense in the way it was directed. The movie was irritating to the core right from the beginning till the end. The dialogues were THE WORST part of the movie. You can better watch it in mute. That would be better.

And whenever Vinay (the hero of the movie!) opened his mouth, I felt like hitting something on the theater screen! The dubbing was really very poor and the way he delivers the dialogue was in no way sensible or nice. It pulled away even the slightest interest that could possibly pop up in the movie. I think this movie could even keep a fullstop for Vinay’s cine career. The female lead Kajal Aggarwal was nothing short of Vinay in her non-sense. She does not even know how to cry or even smile for that matter. I think she should be OFF the screens for good.

About the songs and music, I think Hariharan should better just stop with singing for other’s music. None of the songs were impressive or something that would last in mind for at least sometime. BIG disappointment from Hariharan & Leslie. Maybe the disappointment is BIG because I had high expectations from Hariharan. Though he sings amazingly wonderful, I wonder if he can really create good music. Better luck next time (if there is a next time!)!

Overall, this is a movie which you should never watch even if you are bored to death!


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