Perception is something we do each and every moment in his life. Perception is an ongoing process in life and it is through this process we ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ the world around us.

But the perception itself is different from person to person. The same thing can be perceived by different individuals differently. That’s how we feel/see the world differently. That’s how students score differently though they all attend the same class together in the same room.

The perception of an individual is highly influenced by his intellect and also his character / identity. If you are a highly positive person, then your also perceive others behaviors in positive way. You think they are good or things happen for good.

So, though we express our feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, etc (which all form our identity) , we cannot expect others to understand them in the same way we feel it. Their perception is happening in their world on which we have absolutely no control! Each and every individual can perceive you in a different way which is mainly based on how he is. And you have absolutely no way to control it. You can influence it by ‘projecting’ your identity . But there is no guarantee that you get the expected results. You can only ‘show’ them what you are (or what you want to be perceived as) but you CANNOT make them perceive that. Its up to them. Its their world! 😉

People do frame opinions about us and they do judge our identity. And it is different from person to person. Even if you project yourself in the same way to all of them, they will have different opinions about you. They will perceive you based on their experience, their knowledge, their analytical brain and above all their character/identity. And that because people perceive differently, we can’t be projecting ourselves differently to everyone. If we try to do so, in the end, we may just loose our own identity.

So….. whats the whole point in worrying about what others will think about you? Just leave their perception to their own world! If you know what you are, who you are, then that should be just fine to be happy! In fact for such a self-content person, projection of self-identity would be completely unnecessary.



  1. Interesting issue.

    If you know who you are, where you come from, which personal history you own/carry, the disappointments become insignificant when you get setbacks or defeats.

    To manage this statement above, I’ve to develop distance to the world. Distance between me and others. It will not make me tougher, as many thinks, but I see better where I project my emotions.

    With this seeing I dont become so involved in my own perception.

    To develop distance to the world, to other people, make me see behind masks or behaviors.

    An positive human being perhaps isnt so positive at first gaze. An human with negative vibrations perhaps isnt negative, he/she is just cautious or afraid.

    small talk here from barbro

  2. ..second reflection about projection.

    Projection is also about being able to recognize yourself with other people. It can be same interest. Same type of body language and vibration.
    If you cant do that, no projection is possible. The result of that, is that you dislike that person, you cant project in.

    Projection is an on going mentally conscious and subconscious process.

  3. Nice thoughts Barbro! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing them..
    yes.. these topics are interesting to discuss.. they are really complicated because they involve human mind. And the concept of perception and projection are major interesting subjects of Psychology..

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