Its been a year since we left Holland..

Last year, this same date we arrived to India in the mid-night.. We left the beautiful Holland and returned to our home land.

Well.. I still miss Holland! The beautiful and clean streets with big big trees in the sides. I watched the change in the color of leaves for all the seasons of an year! From green to yellow and orange and then back to green! Very poetic! And of course I miss the snow fall! Heard from friends that this year they saw more snow fall than last year! So, I did miss all the fun!

I miss the delicious, yummy SWIRL ice cream in the railway stations. I miss those train travels daily.. I miss traveling to Den Bosch daily amidst all swans and turkeys.. It used to be an amazing sight when all the cars just stop for the duck crossings in the streets!

I miss the swimming lessons and the badminton games we play.. I miss those cycling we used to do often! I miss all the sports we did there! I miss those short tours to other cities nearby.. The beautiful Den Haag beach, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and so on..

I miss that MAOZ veggie wraps! I miss those Thursday pizzas at that kebab restaurent! I miss that ‘Frite Special’ opposite to V&D on Fridays.. I miss that shopping in the ‘Centrum’. I miss the etos and Kruidvat! I miss the Eindhoven’s Saturday market shopping! I miss the C&A and V&D and those wonderful T-shirts I used to buy there.. I miss the Albert Heijn and the pesto we buy there! Oh my Gaud! I miss ‘Pathe’ and the movies and we watch every weekend! I have watched so many movies in Holland in that one year! I just cant believe it now! And of course the wonderful pop-corns there! I am yet to taste as good as those pop-corns here!

I miss that beautiful house we stayed there! The big hall with a very big glass window showing me the grass lawn and those small rabbits running there.. Woow! It used to be such a wonderful sight in the morning! How wonderful it used to be when I used to start my day with that amazing senseo coffee watching the garden with pigeons and rabbits playing around..

I miss everything! It used to be such a busy but beautiful life.. Doing a lot of stuff, playing with lot of friends, watching lot of movies, touring a lot, enjoying life at home and more.. It was really a poetic life! Hmmm……….

Though its been nice here with parents, friends and relatives around, I still miss all these.. I miss more as well! I miss that respect for individuality and freedom here! But anyways, I was just away from this place for an year. But still that one year of exposure to outside world (outside India) has changed my mind a lot and has made me question many things and people around me! Has also made me more open, more bold and outspoken.

Nice experience.. Life is beautiful! But still, I think it ‘was’ even more beautiful there! 😉


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