I don't believe in SACRIFICE

What exactly is sacrifice?

These days, I see people who say that they have sacrificed their lives for something or someone but having some cheap thoughts about how to get returns for their ‘so-called’ sacrifice. Isnt that meant to be called as ‘Business’?

If you are talking Business, then why dont you say it as business? Why do you want to abuse ‘sacrifice’ for your business? Why do ‘business’ in the name of ‘sacrifice’ ? I mean, why all that hypocrisy?

The whole idea of sacrifice is lost when you do it with any sort of expectation in return. Sacrifice does not expect anything in return. And again, I don’t think we can call it a sacrifice when you do not know the real value of what you are actually sacrificing. Maybe you just give away some precious thing without the knowledge that it is actually precious. You can’t call that a sacrifice later on! Also, when you give away something because you don’t need it, how can that become sacrifice?

These are the twisted and corrupted definitions of sacrifice these days. The word ‘sacrifice’ , I think, has completely lost its significance and in fact its completely corrupted. If these are the definitions of sacrifice, then I just don’t believe in sacrifice. No way!

As far as I know, sacrifice is something you can do, only when you completely surrender your self. When you have completely melted your ego into something/someone, then only can you do a sacrifice. I am not talking about the ‘high state’ which you get when you are on drugs. I am talking about something which you do it with your complete consciousness and awareness. In that beautiful state of surrender, you can just give away your life with smile… And you don’t give it because, it is something unimportant for you! You don’t give it because you don’t need it any more! You give it with full awareness about its value and how much it means to you. You give it with full heart and full happiness without expecting anything in return. You do it because, you just feel like doing it. Nobody is pushing you to do it. And you will never repent for it. For, me this is the real definition of sacrifice. [A close example for this comes in a movie called ‘Holy Man’, where the ‘G’ gives up his ‘yatra’ for a fellow man and just tries to make the guy happy – without expecting anything in return.. ]

And, with the real deifnition of sacrifice, I dont think I can never do it! Its almost impossible for today’s fast moving, competitive people to sacrifice something. So, again I simply don’t believe in it these days! 😉


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