Are you someone special?

Actually this one of the first things I learned as key to happiness!

Are you someone special? Am I special?

If you think deep enough, there is no one special. There is nothing special. But the mind has difficulty in accepting this. It wants itself to be special. It perceives the surrounding in that way. It wants to create that illusion that you are very special and you deserve whatever you like and so on. As I saw in this website about Kriya Yoga, The Ego (which is a product of mind) does not accept its ignorance. Hence it asserts aggressively that whatever it knows, is the final and the highest.

If you get trapped in that illusionary world of your mind then, you can’t really let go things and move forward in your life. Actually, everyone is susceptible to this mind trick. People who have tasted success many times, express this as their superiority complex and they turn out to be very bossy. And those who have faced bitter failures express this illusion of their mind as cravings for success and end up in jealousy.

The thing we need to realize is, nobody is special. Everyone is just the same and equal. This is hard to accept when we see people like Osama Bin Laden and Therasa. We cant say they both are same. Can we?

But the fact is there i absolutely no reason for you to feel special about yourself. And you don’t need to feel bad/inferior about yourself as well. This holds good for everyone. If we start seeing things and people like that in that level, we can definitely avoid any sort of emotional problems and ego issues easily!



  1. hi again. There is an quite good book by Don Miguel Ruiz, The four agreements. A Toltec learning.

    Be impeccable with your word.
    Dont take anything personally
    dont make assumptions
    Always do your best.

    It needs to be read once a year.

    1. Hi Barbro!

      Thanks for that info! 😉
      Will try to get that book sometime..

  2. yes, the ego put us into trouble. There is an constructive ego. There is an destructive ego. We need to balance between these two.

    1. In my opinion, ego cannot be constructive..
      Maybe what you mean is ‘Confidence’ ?

      Over-confidence is a result of ‘Ego’ and is destructive..

  3. You must have ego to confirm yourself, even if you live in the deepest forest, the confirmation is important. Also when you look at yourself in the mirror, you confirm your ego through the reflection from the mirror image.

    You can confirm your ego through some hobbies or employment. But if you are wise, you never brag about your skills because if you do, the ego is starting to be destructive and in the end your ego become greedy of more confirmation.

    You can recieve confirmation if you handle it with balance.

    That’s is how we human act. If you didnt have constructive ego, you shouldn’t progress in your mind.

    Confidence may be an synonym to constructive ego. As long as your ego build up an quality image of your self, so is it good. And what is quality image?

    1. “If you didnt have constructive ego, you shouldn’t progress in your mind..”
      You are probably right! 😉
      Without ego, I cant think or speak.. The ego comes into play as and when ‘I am’ thinking..

      Agreed! 🙂

  4. Why did you capitulate so easily. I would have expected more resistance in thoughts.

    1. Well… Its not actually capitulating.. 😉
      Bcoz, I do understand we both mean more or less the same thing. But in different words..

      And.. you are indeed right by saying that without ego, I can’t progress in mind.. That IS right. When I am thinking, I cannot think without the “I” which is nothing but the “Ego”. So, there is ego.

      But when this ego makes you think that you are someone special, then that is problem. But I don’t think we can completely eradicate ego as normal human beings.

      I see your point here and hence I agreed! 😉

  5. That’s good. You see, I tryed to come around the words – I agreed – that’s an common sencente we use.

    No, we cant eradicate ego but we can be aware of how it influence the mind.

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