Born with depression?

I was surprised to read this post in BrainBlogger: How Young is Too Young to Diagnose Depression?

It says even pre-school kids of age 3-6 are diagnosed with depression and other emotional problems! I wonder how!

I mean, they are too small to even feel / understand the world! At the age of 3, when even the words don’t come out properly, how can the child feel bad about its life? Maybe its bored because nobody is playing with it? But even then, will it affect so much that it will go to depression?

Are those kids born with depression? Blessed with depressed life or what? I am finding it a bit hard to digest this research study!



  1. girisopinion · · Reply

    Yeah its hard to digest but it is very much possible in current generation. Just imagine being a kid growing up now as opposed to how we grew up. Kids start under pressure these days and especially in India where kids are supposed to be brilliant and geniuses at the age of 4 or 5.

    When I grew up I had no care in the world but when I see kids from this generation 6 year old plays computer games and no outdoor games. yes there is pressure and kids can get depressed at an early age now.

    1. ya right..
      I felt that even my childhood days were very competitive. So.. obviously the competition these days can push the kids into depression / aggression / some emotional disorder!

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