Inside to Outside

I wonder why people do not understand this concept at all: Beauty, peace, happiness, health, etc should be starting from inside and reach outside. The outside to inside (actually no one bothers about the inside part!) approach is not going to help at all! It might even worsen the situation!

The increasing number of beauty cosmetics, increasing number of ‘yoga for health’ classes, increasing number of ‘so-called’ spiritual gurus (imagine Shilpa Shetty teaching Yoga! All she is gonna talk about is how to get that sexy body or size zero! The real meaning of Yoga – Union with Brahman is completely lost!) and so on – they all mean the same thing: People are being fooled and I guess its because, people are volunteering to be fooled!

If you take beauty: balanced food, good sleep, stress free life will definitely make one glow! There is no need for any of  those creams! But we don’t want that. All we want is, we will be like whatever we want, we will do whatever we want, and things should work out just the way we want!

And the yoga thing is the worst. After attending few so-called-yoga classes, I felt like I just did the biggest mistake of my life. These so-called-yoga gurus don’t tell you anything about yoga. They don’t tell you the essence of yoga. They don’t tell you, how you can become a yogi. All they tell you is how to imitate a real yogi!  They will just tell you what a real yogi would do in such a situation and then just ask you to do the same irrespective of how you feel inside! They don’t make you a yogi or even give you a little peace for that matter. All they do is turn you into a fake! You yourself will forget why you wanted yoga. You will be driven into an entirely different path which is far away from your real goal.

But people still go there! But still people want fake things! But still people love all these cosmetics! Why?

I don’t think anybody wants to do it the right way. Everyone wants some kind of quick fix. And for that quick fix, they take whatever is accessible to them. Whatever is easy! Whatever comes on their way!

Was this how we started? Is this how humans are? Where its gonna lead us?


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