Research is guess work?

I was discussing about research work in the cognitive science field with one of my friends who actually is doing a PhD in cognitive science..

I really don’t know what I was expecting from a researcher. But definitely not to hear her say that all research work is basically a guess work! Of course not just a simple guess! Its a kind of intelligent guess made through some rigorous and proven scientific methods! In a way its intelligent ‘guess’ because, we can’t eradicate human errors in those scientific methodologies! Well.. I was surprised! 😉

But ya, I could actually accept that fact especially for a field so abstract like psychology or cognition. Because, I don’t think we can say something so definitive about anything which we have not created or first if all, which we do not understand completely. And the complexity is such that we do not even know if we have understood it right or wrong. Its all hazy!

And when we see our past, it is not that far from what my friend said. Some scientist finds out something based on some extensive data and research. And he says that this is it. But some 10 years later, someone else comes out and says a big no and brings in a different theory even for the same data. This happens every time. Not to blame the scientist! But then, our understandings and perspectives keep changing with time!

What so ever that might be, we don’t stop doing any research. We have been trying to understand things.. I think this is some kind of craving human beings are born with! Craving to understand something – about ones own self or the mind or the world around or whatever! Something that is driving us to live in this world actually..

The most curious, aggressive minds just race behind many bizarre questions and finally after some big struggle come up with concept or theory! And in a matter of few centuries, the concepts/theories are again questioned and again put into ‘re-search’ and it goes on and on! Human mind can never rest at peace! It needs some challenge and if there is none, it creates one!

We can’t leave things simple! We want to complicate things and then find a so-called simple solution! Its just like how we complicated our lives with the industrialization and now searching for better ways to live!

We cannot get content with what we have! We always want to live enjoy that illusion that there is something better than what we posses right now! We just can’t stop dreaming or desiring more! We cant accept that there is actually nothing like that! As I read in this website about Kriya Yoga: “When Buddha was asked – what happens after enlightenment? He replied – nothing! But his followers felt that this truth cannot be organized. So they said – a beautiful ecstatic state and this and that. And thus they exploited the basic greed of human mind to propagate “Buddhism”. Buddha was not Buddhist; but his followers, of course, are! “

Well…. that’s human mind!


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