Times of India – Is it really a newspaper?

I used to read only The Hindi before. These days, I have got to read the Times of India because of some unexpected circumstances.

The Times of India, in my opinion, cannot be called as a newspaper at all! He never gives any news! They are all just articles and sometimes they are just interviews of some X, Y, Z. The worst thing is, the paper gives the same story again and again at least for a week. It just changes the title a little bit and changes few words here and there but just gives the same story again!

The news coverage is not that good and to compensate for that, they just fill the whole bunch of papers with some articles about some thing! At times, i do have admit that, some of these articles are interesting. But you never get a feel of reading a newspaper, you know? It is just some kinda English ‘Vigadan’ or ‘Kumudam’ or whatever!

Anyways, though a bit entertaining, I feel that Times of India is not really a NEWs paper.


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