What Kollywood can do to beautiful women!

I wonder where are these make-up men/women coming for Kollywood movies.. and where they take training to turn even a most beautiful women to an ugly piece of shit!

This has always been the thought whenever I see Sridevi in any of the tamil movies.. Oh my GAUD! She is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and the way these Tamil makeup men have made her ugly, I can never forgive them!

This is how Sridevi looked in Tamil movies some years back! Why would she ever come back to Tamil industry!

This is how Sridevi was turned ugly in Tamil movies..

This is how the most beautiful Sridevi was turned ugly in Tamil movies..

How Bollywood brought out her orginial beauty

How Bollywood brought out her original beauty! (She looks awesome even in the traditional dress )

So, if you ever see any bad looking female in Tamil movies, maybe its not her mistake at all! Thats the skill of these make-up people in Kollywood industry! They have that talent to turn anyone ugly!

These Bollywood people are somehow having that magic of transforming even a most average looking woman to an attractive beautiful woman. No wonder they turned Sridevi into an Angel!

Bollywood makeup men have the talent to turn anyone beautiful! When I saw this female – Kareena Kapoor in her first movie or so, she did not look anything near attractive/beautiful. Nothing in her face was actually nice…
But now, even she looks gorgeous (at times;)) in movies!

I think we should employ only Bollywood makeup men in Tamil movies as well or these Tamil makeup men should learn the secret somehow! I hate to see the beauty being wasted or abused in Tamil Cinema Industry!

I don't think she has any nice feature in her face!

I don't think she looks good at all! She was looking even worse in her first few movies

Even she looks attractive with this Bollywood makeup!

Even she looks attractive with this Bollywood makeup! (I couldn't find any picture where she has exposed lesser than this!)



  1. actually … sridevi has had plastic surgery … probably more than one on her nose and she has had a eye brow lift done!! you can see it …. check it out!

    1. yea.. actually heard it after writing this post…
      hmm.. but even then, i feel that kollywood makeup skills should improve…. 🙂

  2. poppyrose · · Reply

    Whoever wrote this simply do not have a clue about these actresses.

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