Why are you ‘good’?

Why are you being good or nice or pleasant, etc, etc..?

First of all, we need to have clear understanding about what exactly is good and how much good is good. Even Wikipedia cannot define good accurately.. But lets assume we understand what is being good.
So the next question is: Are you good first of all ?
Again, lets assume that you are indeed good according to ‘our understanding of good’ discussed above.

Coming back to the question: Why are you good?

Are you good because, people will like only ‘good people’ ? Are you good because, people will appreciate ‘good people’? If you say yes, then you must really reconsider being good! 😉

It might sound strange, but the reality is, you should not be good because of something else or someone else. Because, if you do, then at some point of time in your life, you will definitely feel depressed that ‘you being good’ is not recognized at all or ‘you being good’ is not appreciated at all. Then you might question yourself “Why am I good? Why should I be good?”

If you are going to compare yourself with someone like “I am so good but I am not getting things as she/he gets. He/She is not even as good as I am..”, then there is absolutely no point in being good. You will obviously end up in depression. As it was said by Sri Sri Madabusi Subramaniam ji here, never seek approval from anyone.

At any point of time in life, you must realize that you are good, not for someone to approve you or appreciate you or befriend you. If you are good because that is what is YOU, just be and do feel good about it! If you do so, you will never regret it! 😉


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