Too many ‘thought strings’ in mind..

Oh my Gaud!
I have been very busy in the past 2 weeks.. But ultimately, I did not do any of the things I wanted to do..

I am not sure if I set some unrealizable goals. But the fact is nothing has been realized. There is some kind of progress in the things I wanted to do. But I have not completed anything. Office work, personal technical stuff and house hold stuff  – everything is just hanging mid-way.

All I could see is, my mind is flooded with too many thoughts, plans and ideas and maybe its because of that, I am not able to organize and plan things effectively. I am not able to focus on one thing for more than 10 minutes! My mind is greedy about multi-tasking and wants to do many things at a time.

I was just wondering, if there could be something like what was shown in the Harry Potter movie.. I wish I had that ability like Dumbledore who pulls out a string of thought from his head and puts inside a pot full of his thoughts.. He can later on, re-visit those memories whenever he wants. It is indeed useful when your mind is over flooded with too many thoughts..

Actually in one way, we have that ability. We can write down things in paper or PC.  Or you can talk to someone about your thoughts. That actually gives some relief. We will be able to organize things better that way. But still, we can’t get rid of those thoughts completely. The thoughts, plans and ideas will still be lingering in our mind until its completed. So, either you complete it or you forget it!

Hope I complete things soon before I forget or lose track of them!


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