Are girls really smart?

Are girls really smart?

If you see the 10th grade and 12th grade marks, girls top in them. Even in engineering colleges / medical colleges (The most respected professions of India), girls win more scholarship and university rank or whatever!

But still.. are girls really smart?

Though girls are able to score lot of marks by reproducing some text book contents, do they have the ability to actually apply the knowledge in practical problems?

What kind of jobs do girls take? How many of them sustain in them? How many of them really grow up in their career ladder? How many girls really enjoy what they do at work and keep learning more and more? How many girls feel competent and confident about their work?

My first company was a IT servicing company. Even in that servicing company the ratio of women to men was less. Only the HR department had lot of females. And my second company was an IT product company. There, I was really surprised by the number of females. It was considerably very less. Why? Aren’t there any bright girls out there for a good product company? Girls are just for HR roles?

Though I am a girl, I felt girls are just some piece of crap who can just dress up themselves nice and flirt with guys and then just get married and lead a dumb life.

But after getting married, I saw the other side of girls. Girls are really good at people management. They do apply lot of their knowledge in practical situations: with people! They are able to manage the in-laws and parents though they are entirely different. They can interpret something in a completely different way in a different angle which guys can never think of. (Lateral thinking! 😉 )They can start complaining very easily and find faults in no time. (Such sharp eyes!) They always want to read others mind and try to find out what others ‘think’ (and many times fail to listen to what they actually  ‘talk’).

In those places where the work demands to think straight and clear, the girls probably can’t manage. Guys can’t manage in the family where lot of emotions and minds are involved. It is very easy for them to hurt someone though they don’t intend to.

Maybe that is why they say:  Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.


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