Google Tasks Widget

I recently started using this Google’s Tasks widget in my iGoogle home page!

Life has become easier since then! Really! It has an incredibly simple interface and it is extremely convenient to use for organising tasks.

It is very easy to start using it. You gotta try it yourself! If you wanna know more before you try:

  1. You can create as many tasks list as you want. Like one for home, one for office, etc..
  2. You can set deadlines for tasks and also add additional descriptions
  3. Ordering the tasks is as simple as dragging and dropping them wherever you want!
  4. You can mark tasks as completed (it shows them with a strike) with just one mouse click. You can clear all completed tasks and view the rest.
  5. You can view the tasks sorted by due date or in your own order
  6. The best part is you can create sub-tasks by giving an ‘indent’ space.
  7. Editing or adding a new tasks is very easy. Just click and start typing wherever you want.

Overall, it is impressive because of its simple and clean UI and fast performance – the Google thing! It is simple and is guaranteed to make life simpler!


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