Driving in Chennai is no longer safe!

Driving in Chennai roads is no longer safe!

Already heavy traffic which adds to pollution is growing like hell. And it demands you to have swift driving skills no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

To make things worse, the road surface is never smooth or plain. You always feel like you are trekking in some rugged area. And to add to that, corporation will dig big holes in the center of the road and leave it open until some scapegoat is going to face some severe accident because of that.

In this condition, how would it be if people also, do not follow any road rules?

I just don’t know what to do when some idiot goes from left side of the road to the extreme right side without any sort of indication as if he was the only one in the entire road! People have completely forgotten about those rear-view mirrors and its use! I wonder how many car drives use all the 3 mirrors when driving! You need a 360 degree view for driving on roads these days!

Even if there is any indication, you just wont know if you can actually trust it. Because, every day I see at least one of those cars or SUVs which turn on indicators for right and go in left or just straight. You have to just keep waiting for those idiots to take a turn but they never would!

And I am driven to my edges when I see people talking on phone and driving. They focus on neither! Can’t they just stop at some corner of the road and finish up the call if its that important? Didn’t we live in those days when the cell phones were not invented? It is as though they were born with cell phones!

All I see is each and every single vehicle on road (from cycles to lorries) want to be on the lead. Everyone wants to be ahead at any cost! “At any cost” – that is the problem. Forget about being courteous to fellow drivers; nobody cares about following even the simplest road rules. Everyone wants to just jump ahead in the race no matter who/where they are going to hit.

Some few weeks back, I was forced to go to the extreme left of the road since a very big bus was coming straight to hit me in full speed. The bus itself was already on my side of the road in the opposite direction and to scare the hell out of me, a stupid guy tried to overtake that bus as well (both from the opposite side). Man! Where the hell would I go? Though I stopped, I stopped in the wrong place – the roads of Chennai have rubbish everywhere. My bike skid and fell on my foot! The rubbish just scratched my foot hard. With the bike falling on my foot and the stones pressing hard against my skin from under, I felt my foot burning like hell!

Gift from Chennai Roads!

Gift from Chennai Roads!

It took 4 weeks of antibiotics and pain killers to get cured! I had to bear with this thing even though I followed the rules and drove correctly. So, its no longer safe even if you are driving correctly. I mean, its not just from one person. Every one should follow rules.

Actually, mine is just a small sample! But, how about the big big accidents happening everyday! How many lives are taken away in just few seconds? How many families are affected because of that? How much valuable money and time is wasted in all these?

Why can’t people just follow the rules? Why can’t people plan and start few minutes early to reach their destination? Why can’t people be a bit courteous to fellow drivers? Why can’t people just drive safely? Why can’t people avoid cell phones while driving?

And if I can dare to ask – Why can’t Chennai corporation / Govt lay down the roads properly and maintain it as well? Is it that difficult / impossible?

Phew!! I am tired of driving.. (and of asking too many questions! 😉 )
Whats your driving experience on Indian (or Chennai) roads?


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