No work is dumb!

We think some work are all really simple and need no brains. Something like sweeping road or washing vessels or cleaning toilets, etc. These kind of work appear to demand more physical efforts than mental efforts. Or at least thats what we think.

But is this true?
Before you go further, what in your opinion is most dumbest work of all? What do you hate most to do?

In my opinion, each and every work we do needs brain: even if its washing your toilet. If you do use your brain, if you do apply your knowledge, you would clean your toilets in a much faster way, more efficient and also more cleaner. On the other hand, if you do it as just a muscle work and do not exert your brain muscle even a bit, its as equivalent to not doing it.

That is why they say, love what you do and even if you are sweeping the streets sweep it as though you are painting a Picasso’s painting. If you try to do so, you will probably exert every single cell of your brain muscle as well and as a result, you do it in the best way (or at least you bring out your best).

Imagine the days when they said, just for staying at home and cooking, girls don’t need education. But, you know what? Kitchen is the place where I apply a lot of my computer related knowledge – parallel tasking, multitasking, scheduling jobs, effective resource utility, etc.

Even for doing the most mechanical routine work, if you do apply your brains, you will find better ways to do it. If you don’t, then you just rust your brain and make yourself feel bored and dull.

Once at my office, when I was asked to do some idiotic complicated copy paste work (copying some information from DB2 to create some text files), I realized it would take me days to finish that copy paste work. I just wrote a routine in a few hours to do it for me and just ran the routine before leaving office. The next day the copy paste work was complete (and all text files created as per the requirement) even before I reached the office. And what? My boss was absolutely impressed! I am sure I am not the only one like this. Almost all lazy people do this! 😉

Education is a must for any field and more than that ‘USING YOUR BRAIN’ is most important. Actually education just trains you to do that – ‘using your brain’.  So, education is of no value if you haven’t acquired that “application” skill. No work is actually dumb! If you take it for granted, then you may not find better ways to do it.

What is your experience in converting a dumb work to smart work? Did you ever think that you want to change the way you are doing something? Feel free to share your thoughts here…


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