People with their so-called-brains!

Any company wants to hire a smart employee. But what is that smartness they are looking for?

Consider a situation, where there are 2 people with almost equal qualifications. One who is hard working and sincere but not really smart and the other one has all the smartness you desire but is over-confident about his smartness. Which one would you hire for your company?

Personally, I feel hiring the hard working, sincere and the less smart guy is the wise decision! In fact that’s what I did and I don’t regret it till now.

People who know that they aren’t really that smart would be ready to learn the smartness. Such hard working people will show some concern in learning and would avoid a lot of ego clashes. But, people who think they are smart (whether they are actually smart or not is another question!) would never want to listen. They have the tendency to ignore things and show indifference. They always end up in ego clashes and lose things!

Its just the same old rabbit and tortoise race! Though we are told so many such stories, there are people who do get over-excited and overconfident about themselves and miss many learning points in life.

When they are not really having any brains but they think they have, the whole picture is going to be real real funny! But if such over-confident people are really having some brains, then all that they do, is use their brains in washing their hands off the responsibility in a situation, use their brains to blame others, use their wonderful brains to justify their mistakes, use their brain to boast about their so-called-brains!

And after all such blunders, what is the whole point in blaming luck? What is the whole point in saying unqualified(s) earn money and fame but my talents are never respected? If you have so much haughtiness then who can come to your help ?

When I see such people, all I can do is just pity them.. Why God given mind works so perverted for these? All their mind does is, just push them into deep shit. And the worst thing happens when they try to blame someone else for their own stupid mind!

Do you think such haughty rabbits can truely win the race anytime?


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