Whats keeping me busy?

Another long break!

Well.. this time, so many other things took away my time for blogging..

One of the most important things is the website I am trying to build for someone whom I respect the most in my life. And the next thing which takes the major portion of my blogging time is ……

Mafia wars in facebook!! 😛

Yes! Whether you believe it or not, if you start playing this game, its extremely difficult to stop! And I was not an exception.. I just got indulged in Mafia wars.. Since I was already impressed with the book GodFather, I just couldn’t stop myself playing this wonderful game!

Also, every time I play Mafia, I just don’t play. I also see how they have designed the game. (Well… this is just an excuse which I tell to myself to start playing!). They make sure that you return to play the game every day and they make really sure that you make lot of friends in facebook to join mafia.. Every day, you have to return to check something and get more money, etc, etc. And, you cant go and find out who is in mafia and add them as your friend. You have to go and convince your friends to play Mafia.

At first, I couldn’t even believe that they charge “real” money for getting the virtual money and weapons! Of course, its not mandatory but it is really convincing you every time to pay!

The way the program works for fighting, winning wars, proceeding to next levels, etc are all really interesting! There are so many things to keep you busy in the games like achievements, gifts, boosts, etc. So, once you start playing, you will be loving it!

Yeah! As you would have guessed it by now, I am already in love with Mafia and it just makes me crazy! I never knew I liked such games..

So.. I am trying hard to come out of this and spend time on the website construction. Because, that is something which is really important and which I committed to do for some one else.

Well.. I learnt Joomla and tried few things with it to get the website. But I still have to do a lot more to make it up and running – which I am planning to do soon.. So, I may not be seen here again as often as before! 😉




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