What kind of world have we created?

We do not know who created the world, who created all those nature – the earth, mountains, rivers, fire, air, birds, animals and us – the homo sapient and more and more which we are still in the process of discovering..

But.. what kind of world have we created to live in?

We are definitely not the owner(s) of this world at all. We haven’t created it actually. But we have created so many rules and regulations and systems for education, money, food, etc, etc to live in this world which has actually complicated our lives very much!

Some times I just cant comprehend why a person cannot have his food just because he doesn’t have enough money. Forget about the delicious cooked meals and stuff, he cant even have the fruits or vegetables which were grown on their own. If we were living in the world without altering it, wouldn’t we all have what we want without this much fight?

We created money. We created barter systems. We created society. We created industries. We created so much that we also devised education systems for teaching to future generations about what we created. And, whatever we have created, in my opinion, has just led us to misery. What is the whole point of going to school, learning something and going to work and then earning some money to feed yourself.  Why did we complicate it so much? Why cant somebody go and grab some food from tree or river or sea when they are hungry? It should have been as simple as that. I just understand why somebody should die our of poverty! Where exactly is this poverty? Is that person poor or our systems are poor?

When I saw the movie Shawshank Redemption, it was really saddening to know what the jails can do to people. Our law systems and jails and such have so much flaws that they can easily kill the hope/liveliness in an innocent person. In fact, again in my opinion, we should not do such a thing even for someone who committed a crime.  What right do we have to destroy another fellow being’s mind? Destroying the hope/liveliness of a person is even more painful that killing him physically. What kind of system of living have we created?

Whatever we created, has taken complete control over our happiness. Our happiness is measured by how much money we possess, how much qualified we are and how big company we work with and so on. Shouldn’t we be happy all the time irrespective of such possessions? Shouldn’t the world be happiest place to live in for everyone?

At times it is so funny to think about our world and human beings in it. We human beings created boundaries and countries and such and not stopping with that, we have some rulers to dictate how we should live. And those rulers who can’t stop their reeling minds, attack other’s countries and they fight for something on which they have absolutely no control or understanding!!

Do you think we really need such systems for us to live in Earth? Do you think, we really have controlled or achieved what we wanted through our systems (be it law or education or whatever systems we created)?

What would be your ideal place to live in?



  1. Kamlesh Nahata · · Reply

    Yours is very idealistic view. I don’t agree with most of it. When one has brains then won’t he have the urge to apply it ? So, one can’t be happy sitting idly doing nothing except to move to fetch food. Now, to be careful, we should separate morals and rational as they don’t necessarily agree with each other. So that explains the good and the bad, and the very perception of it.
    Next, I doubt if, except in theory, any society or civilization could have evolved idealistically. There has to be, and has been, continuous corrective action. It has its flaws it has its benefits.

    Aah ! your topic has grossly touched so many diverse fields that if I choose to reply it would go way longer than the original article itself. Hence, I stop.

    One comment: It looks what you have written is to express your angst at something. I would like to see something which expands any one point in your article to thorough analysis.

  2. Yes. I agree that many of my views are idealistic (you are not the first one to say this! 🙂 ) and I also see that a society could not have evolved idealistically. However, when you are talking about corrective actions, we need to know what we are correcting and where we are leading. For that, there needs to be some standard or ideal.. So thats where I stand probably! 😉

    And.. I dont see why morals and rational wont agree. Infact it is because of one’s rational thinking that morality comes into existence.. However, one’s moral maynot be agreed by another. That is what I am trying to point our here. We think that something is right. But actually, it may not be right all the time and not only that, it is not leading to the effect that was originally expected out of it.. If your moral is bringing happiness only to you, then there is some serious problem with your rational thinking. But won’t it be nice to have a moral that brings happiness to everyone? Or, am I being too idealistic here?

    About mind not being able to sit idle. I completely agree. Infact that is the main reason why even I am blogging and you are reading and commenting… And I did not mean to say that people have to be just idle but for fetching their food. But, I want to emphasize that we have to consciously and carefully think about the interactions & influence of our mind’s work with the ourside world. Cant we all coexist without influencing or forcing each other?

    Yes. I touch many things in my posts. I generally dont explain or expand about one thing because, when I start writing about something, so many related things flow into my mind and I dont see how I can conveniently neglect some part of it.. Its all so complex and intertwined. So, to keep my posts short & readable I just touch things and dont expand..

    See! this reply is itself turned out to be too lengthy!
    Anyways.. Will try to write to expand as you said.. Lets see how it comes!

  3. hey ‘smile’
    Do you remember how Shawshank Redemption ends? They met on the shore. So prison can too liberate power we didnt know we had.

    ‘Prison’, practical, can too be onces own prison.

    The only ideal place you can live in – is your own personal/private place.
    Scrutinize the world carefully and measure your own existence with the rest of the world. Take bits, that’s good but even scrutinize bad things.. in order to learn.

    Somebody wins and somebody loose, all the time, everyday, second and hour.

    Nice to write here again.

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