Synchronising Joomla and wordpress users

I have spent almost an entire day in researching about how to synchronize joomla registered users and wordpress subscribers!

As I mentioned before, I am involved in developing a website for someone. And I built it with Joomla!. And that was one of the things that kept me away from this blog for the past few months. And even now the work is not yet complete. But at least the initial version of website is up and running. So, I now relaxed a little bit.. 😉

I did lot of research to find out a way to auto-subscribe users who have registered and activated their account in Joomla, to wordpress blog posts. But, looks like there is no solution developed for that yet. No Joomla! extensions or no wordpress plugins.

First, I started off with a simple working idea. DB triggers! I thought I would create a DB trigger after insert for each row in the joomla users table and insert new records to the wordpress users table. It is as simple as that!

But……… Holy shit! My hosting plan was a shared one and so, I don’t have permissions to create triggers! I felt really sick!

Then I started searching various plugins in wordpress and extensions in joomla. But no use! There were lot of extensions in joomla to integrate wordpress with joomla completely. In the sense, they were all merging the two. Which I do not like at all. Joomla! is an excellent CMS and good for website. And it is not developed for blogs basically. All the extensions I found were trying to implant wordpress blogging features into joomla itself.
However, what I want is to keep my website with Joomla! separately and also keep my blog separately with wordpress. I want them to stay that way and still provide a link/bridge between the two for users registration. I did not want my users to go and separately subscribe for blogs and also register in my website. I wanted to help them out!

But I was really disappointed to see that I couldn’t find any useful plugins in wordpress too. And.. I am really surprised! Am I the only one who has a requirement like this?

Did any of you faced such a solution? What did you do to solve it?



  1. Hi, I have the same problem. I must migrate all users from Joomla to WordPress.. It seems ther’s no way to move passwords from a DB to the other, and also I can’t create a trigger for DB.. Did u find any solution?

    1. Sadly no!
      I spent more than 2 days but couldn’t find any solution.

      Though its a pain, I am just manually subscribing my joomla registered users to wordpress blog! 😦

      Or another thought is that, you may periodically do an export from your joomla DB users table and then import them in the wordpress users table.. (So, you don’t need to add record by record)

      I dont think anyone has developed a suitable plugin for this till now. So.. looks like there is no way out yet!

      In case, you find any, please do inform me! 😉

  2. Vishnu Priya · · Reply

    Hi, I also faced the same problem. I wrote the simple pluggin in joomla to populate the subscriber details in word press users table when ever the new user is registered with joomla.

    But this pluggin require both joomla and wp tables should be single database with their own table prefix.

    In case, if any help, please do mail me.

    1. Woow! thats great to know..
      I will contact you when I need it again.. Thank you very much!

    2. Hello, I’m new to joomla and wordpress. I started building my site with joomla, in the process I said let me add a blog to my site. So I installed wordpress. Now I’m in the same boat as you guys, I would like to synchronze my registered users from joomla to wordpress. It would be very appreciated if you can share the plugin you wrote for joomla. Thanks

    3. Hi Vishnu, have you shared your joomla and wordpress plugin, I would be interested in getting it.

  3. Hi Vishnu Priya

    Can you please share the plugin which you wrote for joomla? I’ll be very happy to work with on it.

    Actually I am also developing my site on Joomla and want to integrate WordPress into it.

    My Email ID is

  4. Hire a webmaster that knows how to import your a database from Joomla to WordPress.. Then tell your clients about importing their emails to your new CMS so that they can confirm it through their emails.

  5. I am also just jump in to develop my website using Joomla with intentional integrated the web blog using WordPress. Any one has successfully in integration the users accounts in both database please let me know.

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