Aircel’s save the tiger campaign

I just dont understand why Aircel ventured into such a campaign and what it aims to achieve through this campaign!

First, I was thinking that Aircel is trying to attract more customers through this campaign. Like asking them to call through Aircel mobile and saying some money would be donated to WWF for saving tigers if you talk through Aircel. I was thinking “What a cheap strategy!”. But when I visited their website, I realized that they are not trying to promote the Aircel business (at least not like I thought) through this campaign.

The TV ad says very vaguely about saving the tigers! What is the use of talking, SMSing, blogging and posting in facebook or tweeting in twitter about saving tigers? By doing all these, will the message really reach the poachers? or others who are responsible for the falling number of tigers in India?

Worst is, the website which they have created for the awareness. It looks like a complete waste! I was really feeling foolish when I clicked on the “Join the roar” link. All that you can do through the link is just fill up some blocks of a tiger image (like those image puzzles) by adding your name, email and optionally your phone number. Thats it! whoa! You are roaring for tigers! How silly!!!

There is another link saying “What can i do?”. Even that does not give any meaningful information or ways to saving the tigers. It just links to all other social networking sites!

Finally, before leaving the website, I clicked the “Tiger Reserves” link. It read “Being a responsible visitor to tiger reserves can help save our tigers”. I am still trying to understand how being a responsible visitor I can save the tigers! This section just linked to WWF and project tiger of Govt. of India and showed maps of tiger reserves in India! How useful!!

Nowhere in the website does it give useful information or resources for common men to really take initiative for saving tigers. Through this ad, maybe by now everyone of us know that there are only 1141 tigers left in India. But, do we really know what the various factors which led to this? Or, do we know how we, as normal people living in the cities, can do something to increase the tiger count?

I don’t see the use of this campaign in any angle! Neither does it promote Aircel’s business, nor does it do anything to stop the falling count of tigers! So.. whats the point?



  1. I always laugh when i see the commercial, lolz…i am planning to print a t-shirt saying…”Save This Tiger”…Take him home”

  2. JATIN PANCHAL · · Reply

    india is the nation. which contains lots of historical things . one of that is our pride TIGER.
    our ashoke chkra is also inspired by the tiger.
    now only 1411 tigers remains…… please help

    1. @Jatin Panchal,

      Can you please explain how can I help to save tigers?

      This is what I am asking through this post as well. What is it that are we gaining by talking, blogging and crying “Please help” among ourselves?

      I understand that Aircel and people like you are trying to create awareness. But whats the use of this awareness ? Is it going to make any change in the lives of the tigers?

  3. the more people gets attached the more funds will it get……………simple as that Difference between a cricket match and a hockey….

    1. @qqq

      I am not sure about your logic here.

      To me, it is simply like the so-called-forward (I consider them as mere spams) mails which ask to forward to more people to achieve something unrealistic (Unrealistic especially in the sense of just forwarding mails to achieve it).

      That because many people are involved in it, it does not become right or it cannot be approved as right. Just like the Australian racist attack on Indians there.

      I am not saying trying to save tigers is same as racism. But I am merely expressing my doubt about the problem getting solved just because we all raise voices especially through internet in a very vague and generic fashion. It seems to be too much of “Dil”logical here!

      Cricket & hockey is different because, they are in a way – mere business! Business men invest money on things which have demand. The number of fans for cricket outweighs that of hockey though the latter is our national game.

  4. Well, I agree with you on some bits (aircel is looking for publicity through this campaign) but I mostly disagree on most other things. People’s power is the strongest – atleast i believe so. I don’t know how many NGOs and very few govt schemes have been working to save the tiger …like many other issues. We doon’t know how successful these initiatives were..coz only 1411 tigers are left. But then perhaps tigers would have vanished much earlier had there been nothing done. I beleive that creating public awareness is the most critical thing for the success of any campaign/ movement. Thanks to the aircel campaign, a majority of people know that the clock is ticking for the tiger. it’s now or never. Now you and I may not be able to bring about a change in legislation or an Act, but you and i together with thousands of Indians can rasie our voice and put pressure on the govt. Thats perhaps can be the only way in which I can make a difference or contribute to this cause. I think the aim is to create a movement! Something that greenpeace always does! If you inform people, there is a high chance they would wnat to do something… that may or may not lead to a bigger change. After the attack on Taj in mumbai, do you think that the march that people organised – it was a waste. coz i don’t see a thing that it changed! there’s nothing done about the whole incident?
    There is another point here now. Why aircel or any other company? Well, that’s coz these major campaigns need the big monies. It costs a fantastic amount to but that one spot on TV. SO why not a tie up with Aircel or any other company.

    1. Good point Sarchu – where is the public outcry putting pressure on the government? If awareness to a bunch of people was saving things that would be ideal. You know what – I believe that there would be at least 0.5% Indians willing to work nature reserves and getting their hands dirty. How about working with them, forest rangers, community members and working towards this cause.

  5. first we have to save the forests than leave them freely in forest

  6. Save water as much as you can and it will save tigers automatically in mangrove forest like Sundarbans in West Bengal surely.

  7. hay dear arthy i think u jst dont know about
    CSR work by co. so please get knowledge of CSR work at google or anywhere else and more over i can say u r right at some points but its not just sillly campaign aircell establish their busness at india through this campaign

    so go to and get CSR work (corporate social responsibility)

    1. I am very much aware of CSR and at times – yes, the corporate companies do some good! I agree on that! But, I can’t blindly say that whatever companies are doing in the name of CSR is good! Sticking out lots of posters (made out of paper) everywhere saying “Using less paper will save trees” and keeping LCD TVs on all the time which displays “Switch off lights before you go” is completely ironical and I am not for it!

      Btw, the post was about Aircel’s useless campaign about saving the tigers. In what way do you think common people watching TV could save the tiger? Are they the ones who are poaching and killing tigers? Are they the ones who are destroying tigers habitats? What kind of impact was the ad aiming at? If you have read my post completely, I have in fact clearly mentioned that Aircel was not even aiming at increasing their business through this ad. So, I was not saying its for Aircels business!

      And moreover, at that time when I wrote the post, the website for the save the tigers was really useless with no information about tigers or the campaign (I haven’t visited it recently and I doubt if it has any useful information even now!). All that they had was just a jig jaw puzzle where you can just sign up (by just giving your name and email) and say that you have joined the roar! There can’t be anything more silly than that!

      Anyways, thanks for leaving your comment!

  8. Abhijit Ray · · Reply

    Aircel is doing amazing work on the social front with its CSR initiatives.

    1. Can you please tell me what kind of awareness this has resulted in? And has it contributed in any way to reduce the death of tigers? If so, please explain how!

    2. Like what?

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