Aaromale Lyrics

Aaroamale (There is a wiki page for this song!! Can you believe it?) from Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya!

Oh my GAWD!!! An amazing wonderful work by AR Rahman! AR Rahman at his best once again! It is sung in an amazingly marvelous way by Alphonse Joseph (He is a music composer in Malayalam film industry. Click here to see his wiki page)

The song is fully in malayalam! But, does language matter for such a wonderful music of AR Rahman?

So, here it goes: The lyrics and the translation of the amazing song!

Movie : Vinnaithandi varuvaya
Music : A.R.Rahman
Vocal: Alphonse Joseph

Mamalayeri Varum Thennal
(A breeze, which blows in through the mountains.)
Puthu Manavalan Thennal, …
( A breeze, which is decked up like a bridegroom)
Palli Medayae Thottu Thalodi Kurushil Thozhuthu Varumbol,
(When it arrives after worshipping the cross at the altar..)
Varavelpinu MalayalaKara Manasammatham Choriyum,
( This land of Kerala will grant permission for a warm welcome )

Aaromalae, Aaromalae, Aaromalae, Aaromalae….
(O Beloved….O Beloved…O Beloved…..O Beloved…)

Swasthi Swasthi Su Muhurtham,
( This is a very auspicious occasion )
Sumungali Bhava, Manavatti
(O Bride, may you be blessed with a long wedded life)
Swasthi Swasthi Su Muhurtham,
( This is a very auspicious occasion )
Sumungali Bhava Manavatti
(O Bride..,May you be blessed with a long wedded life)

Shyama Rathri Than Aramanayil,
( In the inner sanctum of the dark night )
Mari Nilkayo Tharakame,
(O Star..why are you keeping away ? )
Pulari Manjillae Kathiroliyay,
(Like a ray of light in the morning mist,)
Akalae Nilkayo Penmaname,
( Are you standing afar, my lady ? )

Chanju Nilkuma Chillayil Nee, Chila Chilambiyo Poonkuyilae
(On the bough which is bent, O cuckoo bird, did you sing sweetly ? )
Manchiragile, Marayoliyae Thediyathiyo Poorangal
(Did the festivities come in search of the everlasting flame in the earthern lamp ?)

Swasthi Swasthi Su Muhurtham,
(This is a very auspicious occasion )
Sumungali Bhava Manavatti
(O Bride..,May you be blessed with a long wedded life)

Aaromalae… Aaromalae….
(O Beloved….O Beloved….)

Kadalinae, Karayodiniyum Padan Sneham Undo ?
(Does the sea still possess the love to serenade the shore ?)
Mezhukuthurikalayi Urukan Iniyum Pranayam Manasil Undo ?
(Is there still love in the mind..to be melted like candle wax ?)

Aaromalae.. Aaromalaeee.. Aaromalaee
(O Beloved….O Beloved…O Beloved…..O Beloved…)
Aaromalae.. Ohh.. Ho !
(O Beloved….)



  1. hey thanks for the lyrics..

    & u have a nice blog…

  2. vijayakumar · · Reply

    music director of 4 students is jossie gift not alphonse. moreover good work dude

  3. @vijayakumar
    Thanks for correcting me.. I just updated the blog based on ur comment! 🙂

  4. girisopinion · · Reply

    yeah brilliant work by ARR in VTV. I am a regular visitor to your blog but don’t often comment. Great blog you have here. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you Giri 🙂

  5. alagulachumanan · · Reply

    Super lyrics super music and super singing eventhough it looks like western music.
    Anyways hindi movies also should include great malayalam lyrics.Keep it up rahu!

  6. Nice lyrics 🙂

    1. Yes Indeed!
      Have you listened to the song yet? Its even more nice.. 🙂

  7. binku · · Reply

    thanxxx alot!!!! for the lyrics.. especially for the translation part. basically im telugu speaking and i dint understand the song’s meaning. thanx for translation……

  8. thanks

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