Jagadoddharana – Lyrcs & MP3

Jagadoddharana sung by Sudha Ragunathan is available for download in MP3 format from the BOX.net widget at the right bottom of this page.


Composer: Puranadaradasa
Raga: Hindustani Kapi

jagadōddhārana āḍisidaḷeśōda
Yashoda pampered the Lord of the Universe!

jagadōddhārana maganendu tiḷiyuta
magugaḷa māṇikyana āḍisidaḷeśōda
Thinking the Lord of the Universe was her son
Yashoda pampered the gem among children!

nigamake nilukada agaṇita mahimana
suguṇāntarangana āḍisidaḷeśōda
(Yashoda pampered the) One whose powers are beyond description even in the scriptures
Yashoda pampered the font of goodness!

aṇōraṇīyana mahatō mahīyana
apramēyana āḍisidaḷeśōda

(Yashoda pampered the) One smaller than an atom and greater than the greatest,
Yashoda pampered the incomparable Lord!

paramapuruṣana paravāsudēvana1
purandara viṭhalana āḍisidaḷeśōda

(Yashoda pampered the) Supreme being and Lord Vishnu himself,
Yashoda pampered Lord Purandara Vittala!


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