Kurai Onrum Illai – Lyrics & MP3

“Kurai Onrum Illai Marai Moorthi Kanna..” This is my all time favorite song. Wonderful lyrics and amazing composition! Even if you have any “Kurai”, listening to this song will make you feel “Kurai onrum illai…”

MP3 version of this song sung by Sudha Ragunathan from the album Dhyanalingam is available for download from the right corner of this page.


kurai ondrum illai marai moorthy kanna
There is no grievance – Lord of Wisdom
kurai ondrum illai kannaa
There is no grievance – krishna
kurai ondrum illai Govinda
There is no grievance – govinda

Kannukku Theriyaamal nirkinraay kannaa
You are not visible but you are omnipresent – kanna
kannukku Theriyaamal ninraalum enakku
Even though you are not visible for my naked eyes
kurai onrum illai marai Moorththy kanna
There is no grievance – Lord of Wisdom

Vendiyathai thannthida Venkatesan nindru irukka
When Lord Venkatesa is always there to give what I want
Vendiyathu Verillai marai Moorthi kannaa
I dont need anything else lord of seven hills
Manivannaa malaiappaa Govinda Govinda

Thiraiyin pin nirkinraay kannaa
Krishna, you are standing behind the veiled curtains
Unnai marai Odhum Nyaaniyar mattume kaanpaar
You can be seen only by vedic scholars
endraalum kurai onrum enakkillai kannaa
still, There is no grievance dear krishna

Kundrin Mel kallaagi nirkindra varathaa
You are posing like a idol over a hill
kurai onrum illai marai Moorthy kannaa
There is no grievance dear krishna
Manivannaa Malaiappaa Govinda Govinda

Kalinnaar-kiranngi kallile irangi
In this Kalyug, you have come
Nilayaaga Kovilil nirkindraai Kesavaa
and entered and staying in the santum of tirumala
kurai onrum illai marai Moorththy kanna
Though i dont see you, There is no grievance dear krishna

Yaathum marukkaatha malaiyappaa – un maarbil
You dont refuse sincere prayers lord of hills
Ethum thara nirkum karunai kadal annai
When Mahalakshmi who is ready to bless is there with you
endrum irunthida Ethu kuRai enakku
living in your chest, there can be no grievance for me
ondrum kurai illai marai Moorthi kannaa
I have no complaints whatsoever Govinda
Manivannaa malaiappaa Govinda Govinda



  1. Umesh Sunderam · · Reply

    Wow !! was looking for this awesome song.. thank you.. n thank you for the other beautiful songs by Sudha Ragunathan

  2. revathy srinivasan · · Reply

    thanks for the lyrics and the meaning i enjoy every moment i here this thanks once again

  3. Bala Natarajan · · Reply

    Thanks for the publishing the song with lyrics.

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