If tomorrow comes – Sidney Shelton

This is one of the very few books that I did not like much but still read completely.

This is the first book that I read from Sidney Shelton and then I decided not to read any more of his books. (I am sorry if you are a Sidney fan!). The story was too dramatic with little reality to digest. I learnt later that Sydney’s stories are always like that.

So, this story is all about a young girl who is forced to prison for a crime which she has not committed. How she escapes from there and how she takes revenge there after is the plot.

The story starts very sympathetically when the girl gets arrested and her boy friend just waves good bye without coming for her rescue. And when i read about all those tortures that happened to her in the jail, I felt there is nothing called “hell” separately outside Earth. And then the dramatic part starts from that part where she is escaping from the jail. Man! Even Tamil movies are more realistic these days.

Then she goes off to live her life normally. But as usual, a jail return is never respected in the society. So, she joins the con gang and makes lot of money! Towards the end, there was little fun though unbelievable, to read how the girl succeeds two chess champions simultaneously. She meets her true partner who is also a con-artist. But they have small fights before they fall for each other!

And as usual the story ends with these two con-artists joining hands and hearts!

This is really a just another story. Didn’t find anything truly interesting or so..  Its a normal simple time pass story! Not for my kind actually!


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