Timeline, Michael Crichton

Timeline is the first science fiction I read. And that was an inspiration for me to read more such books, especially from Michael Crichton.

The novel was thrilling and interesting till the end. It was not a just another kinda book. It was very informative and thought provoking book. The concept of “multiple universe” being the basis for time machine was really interesting! The book increased my awe for Physics and scientists!

The whole story is how a handful of archeological students go back to Castlegaurd, France in 17th century to save their professor. Do they return back in time safely is the main crux of the story.  It was nice to read how Crichton has handled even the minute details like – the x-ray of a person who went through the time machine several times showing cracks and shakes all over the body bones!

Also, it was kinda quirky to know that one of the archeological student has actually been seeing his own sculpture from 17th century.. Just like some recursive function in programming! That was a nice thought! 😉

So many things about the book like the way the story unfolds and how many interesting facts and information pops out at various point of times was all really impressive!

If you haven’t read it yet, then you should! A must read for science fiction lovers!


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