I love Bryan Adams!!!

I have already uploaded few songs of Bryan Adams through my earlier posts. However, I never listened to his entire collections until recently. Few days earlier I just tuned into Bryan Adams channel in YouTube and listened to many of his songs!!

And…….. I gotta admit that I have completely fallen in love with his music!! They are really really awesome and I am surprised about why Bryan Adams is not a top selling artist (see this Wikipedia article to know more)!!

Anyways, I am glad I found his songs at least now and I just cant wait to share them with the entire world! Here is the list of Bryan Adams songs that are close to my heart!!

[You can watch them in YouTube online. If you have some browser Add-On like Easy Youtube downloader for firefox, to download Youtube videos, you can just simply download the video as MP4 or MP3 or in any other format to have a copy for yourself! I have downloaded almost all available songs of Bryan Adams in YouTube now as MP4 and Mp3.. 😉 ]

1. Im Ready….
This song is really the best in my opinion! I am not sure how it was released officially in the album. But, this live performance really touches the heart – especially the flute part! Its amazing!

2. Everything I do, I do it for you..
This is also my all time favorite – one of the best selling song ever. Very melodious and very pleasing to hear any time!

3. If you wanna be bad, ya you gotta be good!
This is another rock I really like and though the lyrics are a bit gross, I simply love this performance by Bryan as a whole! I enjoy hearing to this song all the time!! Must watch!!

4. Please forgive me..
This famous song of Bryan Adams of course has already touched millions of hearts already.. And I am defintely not an exception. I like the entire song especially the lines “Don’t deny me.. its pain I am going thro..” Well written and sung brilliantly!

5. Fits ya Good..
I love this song just for the Guitar.. Its really amazing!! Just elevates your senses!!

6. Heaven
The Youtube video is the live performance by Bryan Adams of his melodious song – Heaven from the album “Reckless”.. Another amazing song which is nice to hear anytime..

7. Straight from the heart..
Another masterpiece! And, I am really surprised by the loving audience he has.. Its really nice to see his live performances!!

8. Here I am..
“Here I am.. This is me…” Another best song. I like the way the song starts melodiously and then turns in to a gentle rock!

9. Cuts Like A Knife..
Cuts like a knife.. but it feels so right… Another Bryan rock I like very much!

10. Run to you..
I think I am liking Rock just because of Bryan Adams.. Amazing voice he has and unmatchable guitar skills…

Not just these 10.. I like almost all the songs from Bryan! They are truly timeless and amazing just like he sings – “18 Till I Die”!

I just cant believe that these were the songs of 80s.. They seem so fresh and live! I just love Bryan Adams!!


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