Mobile losing Mania

Can you believe if I say I lost 3 mobiles in a period of 6 months?

Yes I did!! WORST!! I know.. But that’s why I don’t buy really costlier ones..

The first mobile, I just simply dropped in WC and flushed it out.. I lost it right in front of my eyes.. Was standing helpless and watching my Sony Ericsson K750 vanishing in the WC! Just a slip of hand.. 2 seconds, 12,000INR was washed away in the toilet..

The next I bought was Sony Ericsson W350i. I wanted to buy a less costly one this time and spent around INR7200 to get this thin sleek flip model in Walkman series. It has a look of iPOD with this stylish buttons on the flip. Hmm… This one was lost by my hubby actually.. But still I gotta take blame bcoz, I stuffed it in his ‘short’s pocket which was already overflowing with his mobile, purse and keys.. So, on the way back to our home from a nearby super market, he lost just my mobile alone, of all the things stuffed in his pocket! I was just thinking – how lucky I am to get a new mobile within just 4 months!!!

And the 3rd one was Sony Ericsson Naite costing almost the same amount – INR 6700. Again, I lost it carelessly (just like the other 2 mobiles) in my office ladies toilet!! (Yea.. the same toilet again!) I kept the mobile in the tissue roll holder and came back to work happily engrossed in my own thought world. I didn’t even realize that I don’t have my mobile in my hand until 3 hours past the incident when my husband called my office land line.. It was just at the moment, when I heard my husband’s voice in my office land line, I realized that I left it in the ladies room! I Went running immediately to search in the toilet… Phew!! But, in the mean time, some criminal lady has stolen it!! 😦

Luckily, we had insured this last phone – Sony Ericsson Naite and so, I got back a major chunk of money from the Insurance company (around INR 5000)!! That was a big relief else I would have died out of guilty!!! (Oh trust me! I really was feeling guilty this time!)

And the phone was really brand new and I lost it even before exploring its features! So, I bought another Naite itself to explore it more and use it fully before I lose it again! Of course, I didn’t forget to insure it this time as well!!

Lets see how long this mobile survives my ‘mobile losing mania’.. Actually, I don’t mind losing old mobile phones in order to buy new ones. (Yea, you read it right! That is my strategy! ;)) But I don’t want to lose them this fast either!!


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