Digital Fortress – Dan Brown

Digital Fortress is a thriller novel with lot of interesting stuff on Cryptography and code breaking. I think this is the first book written by Dan Brown.

It was really an interesting book to read with lot of twists and surprises. The story is all about how the NSA’s (National Security Agency of USA) code breaking machine faces problem due to some complex worm kind of code and how the heroin – Susan Fletcher, a young beautiful mathematician solves the mystery.

It was nice to read about the details of Susan Fletcher and her brilliance – especially because, normally the writers don’t attach brilliance/intelligence with the female characters! They attach more of the beauty part to them. Maybe, that’s yet another reason why I like his writing! 😉

Also, details about NSA and other secret facts about USA was interesting. Although, some facts in the book are now proved to be false/wrong, nevertheless, it imparted me with a lot more awareness about many things!

The details of cryptography were explained in a nice way! It shows that the author has written the book after doing some research and not just some junk! I like it, when I find the author has read lot of books before writing about some subject.

Other than that, the book was indeed a nice thriller! It also made me to read other books of Dan Brown! (BTW, I think Angels and Demons the best work Dan Brown so far!)


One comment

  1. Hi!
    Very nice review you wrote here.
    I read this novel this week only and I am quite gratified.
    You can read this:

    And I agree with you that, ” Angels and Demons” is Brown’s best work indeed.

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