Life comes as a package!

Many things in life comes as a package! You might like a part of it very well.. And you might hate another part of it.. But, they always come together only! Because, its a package!

Like, you might love something about your dad very much (like how brainy he is and how punctual he is or whatever!)!! At the same time you might hate something else about him (maybe he doesn’t talk much or express his feelings or he is very moody!)! You have to realize that this is the ‘dad-package’ for you! There is no point in trying to explain to him about how his relationship with you and your mom can be enriched when he opens up more!

The whole point is – life brings to you ‘fixed-packages’! Failing to understand this simple concept, we all waste our time in changing others and our environment! No matter how hard you try, you have to face reality the same way as it is! It is hard to change the core package!! The core character never changes. Many relationships fail because of this – trying to change the core part of the package!!

We gotta understand that this is what a package means : it has several features! Some you like the most and some you might even hate. You gotta decide about your life and future based on what percentage of the package you really like and what percentage you really hate.. If you hate more than 50% of your relationship package, then no point in continuing it even though you love the rest of it. But if you just hate 10-20%, then you gotta develop patience to bear that worst 20% of it.

Compromise has to be made in some cases! But, again no change can be made!! It applies for everyone, including you! If you are trying to change yourself for someone, its not going to work!! You might end up hating yourself!!

First, you gotta find out the package contents fully! Then understand that it is a complete fixed package! Then accept and embrace it as it is! If some part of the package is totally unacceptable to you even for a small compromise or adjustment, then you better leave the package wholeheartedly!! No point in wasting time to change it to suit your needs! Its never going to happen!!

Do you think differently? Has your life told you something else? Share your views by leaving comments here! Lets spice up the discussion! 😉


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