State of Fear – Michael Crichton

I generally hesitate to read big books. But somehow caught hold of this one by Michael Crichton and happened to complete it as well!

This novel revolves around environment, global warming and its research. It is very big book and at times went a bit dry with lot of facts and figures about environment. Some times, it was even boring to read so much about environment. But, right at those times Michael Crichton introduces some thing nice in the story line which makes you to continue reading..

When I was reading it, I felt it was really enlightening to know so much about our environment. Also, the story goes about how some researchers give wrong ideas about environment to attract funds. I was really impressed with the list if Bibliography that Michael Crichton gave. But, soon after publishing this (click here) post, I received a comment saying all those bibliography don’t say what Crichton claims to say.

Anyways.. to be very frank, I was (and am) not really interested anymore in that subject to do further research and debate whether what Crichton said was right or wrong. I completed the book because I liked the story line, it was kind of thrilling and above all, its Michael Crichton’s book! 🙂

But, one thing for sure I learnt – not to trust all researches just because they are published in some good journal or whatever. You really need have to vigilance and sharp intellect to analyze and understand if the paper is really true. Because, words can be easily twisted (or simply left out) to convey different meaning!

If you are interested in environment, global warming and other climate stuff, then this book is worth a read. Though the info ‘might’ be faulty, you will at least get to know what things you need defend about or do more research about! But beware! The book is really BIG!


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