5 point someone – Chetan Bhagat

I read this book – ‘5 point some one by Chetan Bhagat’ on a single day last week end.. Yea.. it does not need more time. Just 250 and odd pages.

Well, almost everyone here knows that the movie “3 Idiots” though based on this novel, is very different from the book. The movie just has few things from the book. The movie is not ‘based’ on the novel but just ‘inspired’ by the novel..

The movie was saying “Do what you like most and do it well!”. The book focuses more on the point “Do what you like for your own sake and not for the grade system or others”. Also, the book very clearly blames the education system in India, especially in IIT (the grade system).

It was nice reading the book especially because it has happened really – in someone’s real life! It is indeed more interesting to know someone’s personal life! And probably that is why I couldn’t put it down! 😉

In the movie, they portrayed the role of Aamir Khan (Ryan Oberoy in the book) as the hero and hence obviously the girl Neha played by Kareena Kapur in the movie became the heroin against Aamir. But the book is written as narration of the character called Hari Kumar (whose role is played by R. Madhavan in the movie) and the girl Neha was actually his girl friend!

Aamir Khan was the topper in the movie but in real life he was also just another 5 point someone! One of the last ranking or probably ‘the last ranker’ in the department. Well! that’s real life!

And every now and then while reading the book I did wonder how Chetan Bhagat’s wife reacted when she read the book. Especially about how close this guy Hari got with that girl Neha. And I wonder if that girl Neha has read this book and what was she feeling at that time!

Anyways.. nice book! This is the first of this kind I am reading and it was quite interesting. Worth a read!


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