Godfather – Mario Puzo

I haven’t seen the movie Godfather – which is rated as top most movie by IMDB next to Shawshank Redemption. But, I recently read the novel written by Mario Puzo.

Actually, this is the first ever novel I read of this kind –  a crime thriller kinda thing! And, I found it quite interesting. Well, needless to say, I couldn’t put down the book until I completed it..

The story revolves about Mafia Gang family from Italy settled in US. How this Godfather has been changing lives of many people through his powers and how his family revolves around his business. The author has explained the mafia jargons very nicely!

There were lots of twists and turns in the story when Godfather’s third son – Michael Corleone who never had any interest in the family business or whatsoever then turns to be the heir of his father. Also, it was quite interesting to read how his American girl friend becomes his wife and a part of the Italian mafia family just like his mother..

What I liked the most in the book is the ‘brilliance’. Anything sharp and brilliant always attracts me! (That has proved to be my big weakness too! 😉 ) The logical thinking and the excellent plan making of Godfather and then his son Michael Corleone were really blowing my mind!!

The side track (well, thats how I felt it!) of the singer Johny Fontane and how he turns to be a famous actor because of Godfather was also entertaining to read. But, his story is merely a side track and I wonder why it was introduced in the first place!

I enjoyed the reading and liked the writing style of Mario Puzo! I hope I will watch the film some time soon!


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  1. I am sure again reading storyline will be better than the movie. May look like fastmoving!

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