The first surprise wordpress gave me!

WordPress introduced this new feature – “Surprise Me” in the mid of April 2010. I enabled it right away and was expecting some surprise for the first few days and then completely forgot about it!

And few days back, I got my first surprise.. I was writing this post about our Yercaud trip the other day.. And when I clicked on publish, a video from youtube popped up right in front of my screen! The video was showing Tiger Woods playing golf and hitting the ball right into the hole.. Whatever!!

Though it was a kind of surprise – well I dint expect some video to popup! So, in a way it is a surprise but I really wasn’t impressed with the surprise. I was expecting something more out of this “surprise me” which would really make me “simply smile” or say “Woow” or say “Aaah!!!” or something really like a SURPRISE!!

Nice try!! But, this didn’t really surprise or impress me at all!! Still waiting for the real surprise!!

So wordpress bloggers out there!! Was there any real surprise for you guys??



  1. Am yet to get my surprise, looks like wordpress don’t like me.

    1. Oh don’t worry!! Im sure you will get it soon!
      Even I had to wait for quite a long time to get my first surprise.. and after tat im still waiting for the second one.. 🙂

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